The Willison Family Tree
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The Willison Family Tree - arriving in the 20th century.


John Willison (1876-1917)
The next John in the family line (1876-1917), portrait opposite, married his cousin Isabella Willison, daughter of Duncan Willison and Alice Grieve.
Marrying cousins was a common practice at that time.
Sadly Isabella died in childbirth and John re- married Nella Logan.
                                                                                       Acharn, courtesy of Rachel Hunter (nee Willison).  
The Willisons were still farming at Acharn.
The large farmhouse, close to the village of Killin and Loch Tay in Perthshire formed a natural base for the 20th Century Willisons to gather and relax. 
Relatives arrived from across Scotland and the Outer Isles, and from south east England, Austria, Australia and Canada to join many a family gathering and a spot of golf, or curling, hosted by Douglas Willison and his wife Margo (nee Meikle) and their children; John, Douglas, Margaret, Anne and Rachel. 
    Rachel, Anne and Margo - Golfing 1950's            Douglas and Margo Willison