The Willison Family Tree
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 The Willison Family Tree.

This generation of Willisons intermarried with the Buchans, the Campbells, the MacDonalds and the Richards and we have volumes of letters recorded from Mary Willison Buchan sent to her father, John Willison (1772-1841), portrait opposite.
History records that John Willison (1806-84), married Isabella Campbell in 1843, producing twin sons, Alexander and George.
The twins later married sisters Jessie and Elizabeth Gow.
Jessie and Alexander married in 1881, with George and Elizabeth following in 1885.
The Reverend Alexander Willison married Eliza MacDonald in 1842, producing six children. Their third child, also named Alexander, followed his father into the Ministry and married Isabella Stewart, who died in 1926.

 John Willison (1772- 1841)


John Willison (1844-1889), the great, great, great, great, great grandson of John the Covenanter, married Jessie Ann Bett in 1872.
Their nine children brought the Willison Family from the late 19th Century into the 20th century.
Douglas, their sixth child (1881-1975) married Margo Meikle, living the rest of their lives at Acharn, Killin, Perthshire. 
Douglas's younger brother, Campbell Willison (1879-1951) married Sheana McDiarmid.
Jessie Willison married into the Hibler Family and Eliza, or Toosie as she was known, married William Simmonds in 1911, giving birth to Ralph in 1922 - who researched most of this family tree.