The Willison Family Tree
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 The Willison Family Tree.

We have records for three of his children; Janet, Bessy, and James - whom we think lived at Auchendaff, Scotland. James died c1700. He had two sons, John and William Willison.
John Willison, Grandson of the Covenanter, or Auchen the Droll as he was more commonly known was born about 1688 and earnt his nickname because of his humour and gift of repartee. Stories are told of Auchen and his good friend, the Laird, The Duke of Douglas.
The road past Andershaw Farm
Auchen married Margaret Smart and produced at least four children.
His son James (1739-1804) lived at Andershaw Farm, between the villages of Douglas and Crawfordjohn in Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Now the site of a large windfarm project.
His son John (1718-1800) married Ann Broadfoot.
Their five children included Robert Willison (1776-1796), an infantryman in the 67th Regiment of Foot (the South Hampshires) who died in the West Indies, and John Willison (1772-1841) who married Jean Brown in 1804.
John and Jean had nine children.
Their son John served as an officer in the Lanarkshire Yeomanry and was stationed at Hamilton in 1843.
There he met Isabella Campbell, daughter of Duncan Campbell (younger son of the Laird of Inverneil in Knapdale) and of Agnes Colquhoun of Luss.
John was attracted to Isabella and was invited by her parents to call on the family. He did at not at this stage propose marriage but decided to think the matter over.
When the Yeomanry was disbanded, John set off for Parish Holm on his horse, wondering as the animal jogged uphill whether he should return home and forget Isabella or go back to Hamilton and propose to her. He left the decision to his horse.
If, when they reached the top of the hill, the horse looked back - he would return to Hamilton and propose to Isabella.
The horse did look back; John proposed marriage and was accepted. He married Isabella Campbell in 1843.
John and Jean's daughter Mary married into the Buchan Family in 1826 and their son the Reverend Alexander married Eliza MacDonald in 1842.