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Although Willison is a fairly uncommon name - there are still many Willisons to be discovered and linked to our family tree.

Lyn who now lives in Australia contacted us in June 2014.
Lyn's direct descendant, Euphemia Willison, born 1831 in Andershaw Farm Douglas, daughter of William Willison 1788 - 1867, who was the 5th child of James Willison 1739 - 1804, son of Auchen the Droll (1688 - 1773) married John Gall in Scotland on 22.01.1853.
John and Euphemia and their four children; James, Janet, Grace and Adam emigrated as early pioneers to New Zealand, taking part in the Waikato Settlement Scheme,
boarding the Helenslee on the Clyde River, leaving Glasgow on 10.09.1864 and arriving at Queen Street Wharf, Auckland on 22.12.1864. 334 passengers diembarked on that day.
As part of this research we have also documented that Williams sister grizzel Willison was born on 16.1.1780 and his eldest brother Thomas was born on 16.01.1780.
Do you know any American or Canadian Willisons?
Raymond Willison contacted us last month. He lives in Pennsylvania, USA and wonders if any of John Willison’s family made it to the colonies in the late 1600’s.
His first family record is for Jeremiah Willison born about 1730 in the colony of Pennsylvania or Virginia. Jeremiah had a brother, Cornelius and possibly two other brothers; John and Joseph. No record of any of John Willison's family reaching Pennsylvania in that period, but if anyone has any information that can help Raymond please contact us and we will put you in touch with him.
William Lloyd Willison (Bill) also contacted us recently and would like to know when some of his family migrated to the United States. 
He has records of his Willison relatives living in Ohio in the mid 1800s. Since Bill contacted us he has found Christopher Willison who lives in Ohio and has discovered that his (Bill's) great grandmother was killed in a riverboat accident on the Ohio River. At the time his great grandparents were divorced and his great grandfather was steeling in Shattick, Oklamhoma. Again - if you have any information that can help Bill please contact us and we will put you in touch.
Jim Willison, based in Canada has managed to trace his ancestors through online census reports to an Evans Willison (born 1812, or 1818) in Nova Scotia, Canada. Any information regarding Canadian Willisons - we would be keen to hear from you.
UK Willisons- News.....
A couple of years ago we were contacted by Linda Chapman who has been researching Alexander Willison of Whitby and his son William Willison. 
To date Linda has not established where in Scotland Alexander came from, but we know he was born in 1775.
The Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society is now the only Tulip society in Britain and acts as a national society. It is 172 years old and mentions William Willison in its archives.
To learn more about William and his considerable contribution to Tulip breeding - please download this document WilliamWillison_by_LindaChapman.pdf
And, if you have any more information about William and his father Alexander please contact us.
Roger Willison who currently lives in Derby, UK contacted us this January, 2014. His father and grandfather were both called Robert Willison.  Roger believes the name Gutherie appears in his family tree on his father's side and would be interested to hear from anyone who has links to his ancestory. If you have any more information please contact us and we will pass this information onto Roger.
Tracey Wood born a Willison in Dumfries, Scotland is also interested in her family links to the Willisons. We are hoping to find a link to the Covenanting Willisons for her eventually.
Many thanks to all those above who have visited our website and contacted us with their stories so far.