Willison  MarriedChildren Primarily lived in this location
John Willison c1688-1773
(known as Auchen the Droll) 
Son of James Willison
Grandson of John Willison The Covenanter
Margaret Smart
John 1718-1800
Mary 1722
Sarah 1734
James 1739-1804
William Willison, Second son of James Willison, Grandson of John Willison The Covenanter
Janet Ferguson
John 1749
Agnes 1750
Sarah 1752 married Peter Cleminson (Driverholm)
John Willison 1718-1800, Son of Auchen  The Droll and Margaret Smart
Ann Broadfoot
John 1769
Margaret 1770
John 1772-1841
Robert 1776-1796
George married Janet Forsyth, son George 1806
Sarah Willison 1752
Daughter of William Willison and Janet Ferguson
Peter Cleminson
John Cleminson1781
Mary Cleminson1783
Elizabeth Cleminson 1785
Agnes Cleminson1788 
George Willison
Son of John Willison and Ann Broadfoot
 Janet Forsyth
George 1806
James Willison 1739-1804
Son of Auchen the Droll and Margaret Smart
Marion McKindlay 1748-1823
Grizzel 16.01.1780
Thomas 07.01.1781
James 1785-1873
George 1786
William 1778-1867- daughter Euphemia 1831 married John Gall 22.01.1853. Emigrated to Auckland, New Zealand 10.09.1864 on the Helensee from the Clyde with James, Janet, Grace and Adam Gall.
John 1792
Andershaw, Douglas, Lanark
John Willison 1772-1841
Son of John Willison and Ann Broadfoot
Jean Brown m 1804
Mary 1805-c1852 married William Buchan
John 1806-1884 married Isabella Campbell
Alexander (Rev) 1808-1865 married Eliza MacDonald
George 1809-c1853
Ann 1812-1839
Marion 1814-c1869 married William Richard
Elizabeth (Betsy) 1816-c53
James Patterson 1818
James Patterson 1822-1885 married Gavina Rowarth-Milligan

James Willison 1785-1873
Son of James Willison and Marion McKindlay
Janet Thorburn 1807-1890

Mary Willison 1805-c52
Daughter of John Willison and Jean Brown 
William Buchan 1802-c64
m 1826
John Buchan 1829
William Buchan 1932 who produced 4 children Phillis (married ? Cumming) , William, Isabella & Sarah.
Alexander (Sandy) W Buchan 1833 married H S Hardy
Jean 1886
Mathew d1889 married H Richard
George ? Buchan
John Willison 1806-1884
Son of John Willison and Jean Brown
Isabella Campbell 1817-1887
 John 1844-1989 married Jessie Ann Bett
Agnes 1845-1909 married James Anderson
Duncan 1847-87 married Alice Grieve
Alexander 1849-1914 married Jessie Gow
George 1849-1908 married Elizabeth Gow
Alexander & George were twins who married the Gow sisters.
Rev Alexander Willison 1808-1865
Son of John Willison and Jean Brown
Eliza MacDonald 1813-1897
 John 1843-1890
Archibald George (or George Henry?) 1845-1859
Alexander (Rev) 1849-1920 married Isabella Stewart
Isabella Fanny 1849
James 1853
Jane Eliza 1855-1856
Marion Willison 1814-c1869    
Daughter of John Willison and Jean Brown
William Richard b1795 
Jane 1837 married Archibald Brown (m1862)

James Paterson Willison 1822-1885
Son of John Willison and Jean Brown
Gavina Rowarth Milligan 1834-1892 
John 1854-1863
Martha b 1859

John Willison 1844-1889
Son of John Willison & Isabella Campbell
Jessie Ann Bett
m1872 in Crieff, Perthshire
Elizabeth (Bessie) 1874-1875
Isabella (Ella) 1875-1926 married Robert Greive
John 1876-1917 married Isabella Willison, then Nella Logan
James 1878-1899 
Campbell 1879-1951 married Sheana MacDiarmid
Douglas 1881-1975 married Margo Meikle
Jessie (Jenny) 1882-1927 married Leo Hibler
Eliza Ida (Toosie) 1883-1956 married William Simmonds
Nanny 1888-1997
Douglas, Lanark and then moved to Acharn, Perthshire before 1881
Agnes Willlison 1845-1909
Daughter of John Willison & Isabella Campbell
James Anderson b1829
Isabella 1868-1934
David 1870
John 1873 married Hilda, 2 daughters
James 1875-1932
Robert Coventry 1879-1917
Alice 1882-1920's married Harold Foster
Agnes married William Runciman
Duncan Campbell Willison 
Son of John Willison & Isabella Campbell
Alice  Greive b1852
m1873 in the parish of Glenorchy & Inishail, Argyll
Jessie 1876-1945
Isabella (Tibbie) 1877-1899
(died in childbirth - married her cousin John Willison 1876 - 1917) 
Alison 1878-1966
Agnes 1880-1974  (married David Coupar d1956)
Duncanina (Nina) 1882-1962
Dalpeddar, Sanqhar, Dumfries
Farmed 1600 acres, 150 arable.
employed 3 men & 4 women
Alexander Willison 1849-1914 
Son of John Willison & Isabella Campbell
Jessie Gow b1856
John 1885-1940 married Mabel Milligan
Colin 1891-1945 married Helen ?
Ernst (Ernest) 1896-1954 married Elsie Gibson
Russell 1994-95

George Willison 1849-1908
Son of John Willison & Isabella Campbell
Elizabeth Harvie Gow
Violet 1886 died young
May 1892-1972
George 1897-1972
1. Joyce - issue Clare
2. Willy
3. Molly
Known to be farmers in Luing; Ardlarach House and farm 
Alexander Willison (Sandy) Buchan
Son of William Buchan and Mary Willison
Hester Strovey Hardy 1836-1902
Hester 1857-1933
Alexander 1859
Samuel Milne 1861 married Rose Clark
Mary 1863-1943 married Robert Auchterlonie
William 1865
Matthew 1867 married Margaret Sinclair
James 1869-1948 married Helen Crawford
Carlyle 1870 married Florence Vandyck
Sandy 1872
Helen 1873
Annie b&d 1876
Robert 1879 
William Buchan 1832    
son of Mary Willison and William Buchan

(whom we think married a Cumming)
Alexander Willison (Rev) 1846-1920
Son of Alexander Willison (Rev) and Eliza MacDonald
Isabella Stewart  d1926
Alexander and Isabella emigrated to North Carolina where he was Minister of Saline in 1877
Marion Willison 1814-c69 
Daughter of John Willison and Jean Brown
William Richard b1795
Jane 1837 married Archibald Brown in 1862
Agnes 1840
Ann 1842
Ellen (Helen) 1845
Mary  1847
Janet 1850
James Paterson Willison 1822-1885 
Son of John Willison and Jean Brown
Gavina Rowarth Milligan 1834-92
John 1854-1863
Martha 1859

Jane Richard 1837
Daughter of Marion Willison and William Richard
Archibald Brown m 1862 

Samuel Milne Buchan 1861
Son of Alexander Willison Buchan and H S Hardy 
Rose Clark
Muriel Buchan 1891-93
Leslie Buchan 1894-1916
Ethel Buchan 1895?
Eric Buchan 1903

Mary Buchan 1863
Daughter of  Alexander Willison Buchan and H S Hardy
Robert Auchterlonie
Robert Auchterlonie
Molly Auchterlonie
(married Gilbert Archer)
Lindsay Auchterlonie
(married Kate Hulme)
Dorothy Auchterlonie
(married George Young)

Mathew Buchan 1867 
Son of Alexander Willison Buchan and H S Hardy
Margaret Sinclair

James Buchan 1869 
Son of Alexander Willison Buchan and H S Hardy
Helen Crawford
Helen Buchan
Hester Buchan
James Buchan 1907 (maried K Blair)
Rosemary 1916

Carlyle Buchan 1870 
Son of Alexander Willison Buchan and H S Hardy
Florence Vandyck
Eileen Buchan (married A.N.Ross)
Minna Buchan (married William Hogben) 
Helen Buchan  1873 - 1946
Daughter of Alexander Willison Buchan and H S Hardy
died Callander, Stirlingshire
Wentworth Varcoe
b 1873 - 1922
Hanley, Stoke on Trent
Robert Wentworth Varcoe 1921- 1975
Dorothy Wentworth Varcoe 1908-1992
Alexander (Alick) Wentworth Varcoe 1906-1988
Hester Wentworth Varcoe 1903-1972

John Willison 1876-1917
Son of John Willison and Jessie Ann Bett
1. Isabella Willison  (died in childbirth - no issue)
2. Nella Logan 1880-1947
Ellen 1910-1961
John 1911 (died in infancy)
Jessie Ann 1913
Elizabeth (Lib) 1915
Picture of Granny Nella Logan and David Kemp c1942. David and his mother, Ellen, Robert Hill and his motherJessie Ann Hill (nee Willison) stayed with nella at Gorebridge, outside Edinburgh during WWII
Isabella (Ella) Willison 1875-1926
Daughter of John Willison and Jessie Ann Bett
Robert W. Grieve 1865-1955 
Evelyn Grieve 1900-1967
(married Mitchell Dobbie 1901-1982)
Kathleen Grieve 1902-1950
Walter Grieve 1913-1982 
(married Pamela Alston Roberts West 1918 - issue Andrew 1955)

Campbell Willison 1879 -1951 
Son of John Willison and Jessie Ann Bett
Sheana MacDiarmid 
Mary 1911-1979
(Dr.) Jean 1917- 2002
Loch Tayside
Douglas Willison  1881-1975 
Son of John Willison & Jessie Ann Bett
Margo Murray Meikle 1895-1967 
John 1929
Douglas 1930
Margaret 1932
Elizabeth 1933
Rachel 1935  (married Alistair Hunter)
Acharn, Killin
Jessie (Jenny) Willison 1882-1967
Daughter of John Willison and Jessie Ann Bett
Leo von Hibler 1884-1956
m 1921 
John Hibler 1922-1987
(married Margaret/Peggy Rees - issue Anne, & David)
Lucy Hibler 1927 2018
(married Ortwin Bobleter - issue Alexandra/Sandy & Therese) 

Eliza (Ida Toosie) Willison 
Daughter of John Willison and Jessie Ann Bett
William Simmonds 1880-1958
m 1911 
Kenneth Simmonds 1912
Winifred Simmonds 1914-1966
Norman Simmonds 1922-2002
(married Christ Topham nee Ebert)
Ralph Simmonds 1922 - 2014

John Willison 1885-1940
Son of Alexander Willison and Jessie Gow 
Mabel Milligan
d 1972 
(Sir) John Alexander (Sandy)  1914
married Jess Bruce
Colin Willison 
Son of Alexander Willison and Jessie Gow
2 sons?
(married B Meiber, issue Martha and one other daughter)
Ernst Willison 1896-1954
Son of Alexander Willison and Jessie Gow
Elsie Gibson 1896-1983 
Robin 1925
(married Gillian Caven Irving)
Elspeth 1929 

Robin Willison 1925
Son of Ernst Willison and Elsie Gibson 
(son Charles 1985)
Clare Alexandra
(married Murray Johnstone - issue James Johnstone)
Eric Buchan 1903
Son of Samuel Milne Buchan and Rose Clark
M.T. Smith b 1908
Valerie Buchan
(married A Matheson - issue
Katherine Matheson 1966
Fiona Matheson 1967
Callum Matheson 1969) 
Leslie Buchan (f)
(married D Thomson - issue
David Thomson
Richard Thomson
Deborah Thomson

Ellen Willison 1910-1961
Daughter of John Willison and Nella Logan 
Charles Kemp
David Kemp 1940
Jessie Ann Willison 1913
Daughter of John Willison and Nella Logan 
Leslie Hill 
Robert Hill
and twins who died in infancy 

Elizabeth (Lib) Willison 1915    
Daughter of John Willison and Nella Logan
Harold Shearer
Elizabeth Shearer
Peter Shearer
1. .................issue Frances
2. Marie)
John Shearer
David Kemp 1940
Son of Ellen Willison and Charles Kemp
Anne Miles
Duncan 1964-1982
Robert Hill 1939
Son of Jessie Ann Willison and Leslie Hill
Jennifer (Jenny) Ridgway
Alison Hill
Alex Hill
Susannah Hill

Elizabeth Shearer 1941
Daughter of Elizabeth (Lib) Willison and Harold Shearer
Terry Smith 
Penelope Smith
Paul Smith
Jennifer Smith
Jean Smith

Mary Willison 1911-1979
Daughter of Campbell Willison and Sheana McDiarmid 
Malcolm Bett
Eileen Bett
Eileen Bett 1942
Daughter of Mary Willison and Malcolm Bett  
Robin Lewis
Fraser Lewis
Malcolm Lewis
Alan Lewis
 John (Johnny) Willison 1929
son of Douglas Willison and Margo Meikle 
Janet Crosbie 
Acharn, Killin
Douglas Willison 1930
son of Douglas Willison and Margo Meikle
Ann Anderson  
Elizabeth (Beth)
Margaret Willison 1932 - 1995
daughter of Douglas Willison and Margo Meikle
 John Burton
Tyndrum, Perthshire
Elizabeth Anne Willison 1935
daughter of Douglas Willison and Margo Meikle  
Angus Stewart 1933 - 2014
Rachel Willison 1935 - 2018
daughter of Douglas Willison and Margo Meikle
Alistair Hunter  1935

Winifred Simmonds 1914-1966 
daughter of Eliza (Ida, Toosie) Willison and William Simmonds
Donald Bumpus
Richard  (married Margaret Colthup  issue Andrew & Jessica) 
Sylvia  (married Paul Rattenbury)
Kenneth Simmonds
son of  Eliza (Ida, Toosie) Willison and William Simmonds
Ruth Sargant 
Hector  (married Mary Harrison - issue Guinevere & Tobias)
Oliver  (married Penelope Bellers - issue Henry/Harry & William)