The Willison Family Tree
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The Willison Family Tree.

The Willison Family Tree was first collated and published in paper form by Ralph Willison Simmonds in Edinburgh 1989.
Ralph spent many years researching the Willison Family papers, a considerable amount dating from the late 18th century. These are now housed in the Scottish Library Archives.
The Family tree records are now managed by younger generations and updated as new information and new family members arrive.
We are regularly contacted by Willisons and other people the Willisons were, or are still connected with. This provides an evergrowing understanding of our family history.
If you are a Willison, a Buchan, a Simmond, a Meikle, a Hibler, a Bett, or are connected to our family story in any way - please contact us and we will aim to add your family tree information to our website.
Ralph Willison Simmonds